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    I picked it myself human.

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    TREK 2015 “REMEDY-9 27.5” 

    Full alloy full-suspension frame.w/PENSKI-Engneering tuned “DRCV-Re:AKTIV”Shocks.

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    A self-described history nerd, Mike Davis is a San Francisco-based artist who paints scenes stuck in another time. His detailed oil paintings are rife with personal symbolism and minuscule narratives, evoking Renaissance painters such as Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Aertsen. Though he emulates the Northern Renaissance masters, Davis is entirely self-taught. He forayed into painting in his early twenties as an off-shoot of his tattoo career. The founding owner of esteemed San Francisco shop Everlasting Tattoo, Davis currently splits his time between his craft and his fine art, using his paintings as a cathartic processing tool to digest the events of his personal life. Read more on Hi-Fructose.

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    Wolf: Boring Time by Maxime Riendeau

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    Perfect waves at Impossibles, bali.

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  10. Just uploaded The Berlin Series vol.04 to Mixcloud. Listen now!